An Optimal Brain For Total Wellness: Restore your brain’s electrical balance. Resolve your brain-related symptoms.

An Optimal Brain For Total Wellness

Restore your brain’s electrical balance. Resolve your brain-related symptoms.

“[Neurofeedback] should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy, it would be universally accepted and widely used.”
Professor Frank Duffy, MD and Neurologist
Harvard Medical School

The Latest In Brain Training Based On Neuroscience: Neurofeedback

01. Scan

We scan your real-time brainwave (EEG) patterns.

02. Map

We map your brain waves against the norm & your condition to check for imbalances.

03. Reward

We reward your brain with video and music when it is showing more balanced brainwaves.

04. Transform

Your brain transforms itself by learning to produce healthier brainwaves. Symptoms gradually ease off.

What Science Says About The Brain

It is more than a physical organ. It is electrical too.

  • Nerve impulses are electrical signals.
  • Neural electrical imbalances are linked to dysfunction.
  • Brain dysfunction may show up as sleep & memory problems, anxiety, ADHD, autism (ASD), depression, etc.
  • Electrical imbalances show up in brain activity scans (QEEG).
  • Neurofeedback can address electrical imbalances.

What Science Says About Neurofeedback

How it can help you


15,000+ clinicians worldwide, including neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists & other MDs use Neurofeedback & QEEG (the related brain activity scan).


Studies on the efficacy of Neurofeedback have shown that it can be used to manage various brain-related conditions*.
* For other symptoms, please contact us to inquire if Neurofeedback might help you.
** Neurofeedback is rated at the highest efficacy level (Level 1 for Best Support) for ADD/ADHD by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

It’s Your Brain. Trust it to a Real Expert!

5,000+ people have benefitted from our service

01. Experienced

you get...

  • More effective & appropriate training by experienced practitioners

because we offer...

  • Training overseen & designed by American MD & renowned Neurofeedback specialist
  • 5,000+ patients have benefitted
  • 20,000+ brains scanned & analysed
  • Certified by BCIA, the world’s most recognised Neurofeedback certification body

02. Customised

you get...

  • Training specifically tailored to your brain’s needs & condition
  • No wasting time or money on one-size-fits-all training

because we offer...

  • Pre-training brain scan, not self-report only, to design you training
  • Regular & post-training brain scans to track your progress & adjust your training as needed

03. Thorough

you get...

  • You can address imbalances in multiple brain regions
  • You get more effective and lasting results

because we offer...

  • 19 sensors to scan & train your brain thoroughly, unlike partial training with 2 to 8 sensors
  • 3-D brain maps to cover deep brain regions underneath your cortex (surface brain)
  • We track & train multiple & core brain regions involved in your symptoms as a unit

04. Convenient

you get...

  • Minimum disruptions to your busy schedule
  • You have more time for yourself & other activities

because we offer...

  • Online training in the comfort & convenience of your own home
  • Training equipment delivered to you in a compact case
  • Pre-scheduled appointments means no waiting in line for service
  • Flexible training times. Special early morning, late night or weekend sessions available

05. One-to-One

you get...

  • Ease of mind. Simply relax & enjoy your training
  • No time or money wasted on training that is either too difficult or too easy

because we offer...

  • We operate all equipment online and guide you through the training in every session
  • Training difficulty adjusted in real time in every session

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Clinicians: For Your Patients

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